Competitive Speed Skating Program

Speed Skating Moncton Dieppe Riverview

The Codiac Cyclones “Competitive Speed Skating” program is more intensive and tailored for experienced speed skaters who have successfully completed the “Fundamentals Speed Skating” program by mastering basic speed skating skills and have reached key speed skating race times.

Candidate skaters must have the club’s coaching personnel permission to join.

Advancement to this program only occurs once a skater has developed sufficient technical speed skating skills and minimum race times.

Practice Schedule:
(Starting October  2020)

Skaters enrolled in the Advances/Competitive program are expected to:

  • Be interested in competition,
  • Committed to learn new technical speed skating skills,
  • Seeking to better their race times,
  • Demonstrate maturity (athletic and social),
  • Attend and safely participate in the weekly practices and
  • Accomplish the extra work-load (dry-land training) associated with the program.

In general, competitive speed skaters must be at least 12 years old in order to participate in this program. The final decision to accept a speed skater in this program is at the discretion of our head coach.

Skaters in this competitive group practice three to four times per week at the AJL Arena in Dieppe NB. 

Dryland training is also offered from time to time based on the group’s athletic requirements.

On some occasion, skaters from the “Competitive Speed Skating Program” may be asked to be at practices up to 90 minutes before practice for dryland training at the arena. These dryland sessions are normally at the same time as when group “B” skaters are on the ice.

Group “A” competitive speed skaters are also expected to help with the Learn to Skate program from time to time  prior to the occasional scheduled Sunday group “A” training sessions held immediately after the LTS session. 

Interested in going as fast as you can on skates? Please contact the Codiac Cyclones Speed Skating Club with your comments or questions on this program or any other speed skating topics offered at the AJL Arena in Dieppe, NB.

Will be offered up to 4 times a week:

These are the fees for club member: ( does not include SSNB and SSC fees )

  • Competitive Speed Skating (Half Season up to 4 times  per week) : $420
  • Competitive Speed Skating (Full Season up to 4 times  per week) : $820


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