Learn to Skate FAQ

Q: When does the Winter 2020 Learn to Skate program start?

A: The  fall 2020 Codiac Cyclones Learn to Skate program will starts mid-october. The winter program  2021 start January 2021 and will end at the end of  March , 2021. The sessions are offered once per week (Sunday) The exact schedule will be available on the Calendar

Q: What safety equipment is required for the Learn to skate program?

A: Children who participates in the Learn to Skate program must have a properly fitted helmet while on the ice, skates and gloves. It is also recommended to have additional protection such as knee pads and elbow pads. – Any parent/guardian/adult helping with their child on the ice must have a helmet and skates (No shoes or boots allowed on the ice surface)

Q: What time and where are the Learn to Skate practice sessions?

A: Sunday at 11:30am until 12:30pm at the AJL Arena in Dieppe (Olympic Ice Surface area). We ask that parents arrive at the arena at least 15 minutes prior to start time in order to have their child ready before the start of the session.

Q: How much will Learn to Skate cost for my child?

A: Starting at $99 for the younger ones, all LTS program details including pricing can be found at the following link: (Click Here)

Q: Should I consider the Learn to Skate program if my child is only three years old and can’t stay up on skates (or can’t get up by themselves when they fall)?

A: Yes! This is where the Learn to Skate program (LTS) helps out the most and is designed for those who cannot initially stand or get up on their own. We call them our “Crawlers”. At this stage parents are required to come on the ice with their own skates and helmets to have fun with their child and help out the instructors.

Q: As a parent or guardian, do I need to do anything while my child is on the ice?

A: If your child cannot stand on their own skates (or get up by themselves when they fall) a parent will have to dust off their skates, throw on a helmet and come on the ice to have some fun with their child and help out the instructors. This is especially important in the “crawlers” group.

Q: As a parent or guardian, if my child can stand up on his (her) own and get up on their own when they fall, do I still need go on the ice to help?

A: Our coaches always welcome on-ice help to provide a safe and fun environment to all, yet parents will not be required to come on the ice if your child can stand on their own skates.

Q: Will my child have to use long blades for on-ice activities in the learn to skate program?

A: No, children in the learn to skate program can use any type of skate. Occasionally, for the more advanced learn to skate members, they will be invited to try out and have fun with long blades at no additional charge.

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