Speed Skating Fundamentals Program

The Codiac Cyclones Speed Skating Fundamentals program has been offered in Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview for over 42 years.

With weekly practices offered on the Olympic ice surface at the AJL arena in Dieppe, children progress in this introductory level of speed skating on ideal ice conditions.

During this stage, children have fun in learning to move more efficiently and acquire basic short track speed skating skills in a welcoming and fun environment at the AJL Arena in Dieppe, NB.

Children in this level will be exposed to lots of different on-ice activities in relation to our fun speed skating program.


Normally participants are of elementary school ages (6 to 12) and will participate in a variety of well-structured club based activities that focuses on fun and learning.

Programs make use of the entire Olympic ice surface at the AJL arena in Dieppe.

IMG_6904When is a child ready for this level?

  • Skaters should be actively engaged in skating based activities for most of the time they are on the ice, (No standing around)
  • Programs focuses on development of skating skills and basic speed skating technique,
  • Games and fun races will be used to develop and reinforce speed and skill. Hand and foot speed are developed especially well by the children during this stage,
  • Activities challenge skaters and develop agility, balance, coordination as well as speed,
  • Ice time is used for warm-ups to reinforce the development of physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.

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Speed Skating Fundamentals Schedule : Tuesdays and Thursdays at the AJL arena (Olympic ice rink) in Dieppe NB. (See Seclude for detailsClick Here)

PDF – Speed Skating Parent’s Guide – Read More: (Click Here)

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