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COVID-19 yellow phase

Here is a summary of COVID procedures regarding the use of ice surfaces in Dieppe during the yellow level, until further notice.

  •   During the yellow level, we will only use one entrance door.
  •   Wearing a mask is mandatory. A face shield worn without a mask is not acceptable.
  •   Ensure that hands are disinfected regularly.
  •   Food and beverages are not permitted unless purchased and consumed in thedesignated area of the UNIplex (Bistro Gaston).
  •   The COVID leader of each group must arrive 30 minutes early.
  •   Make sure your participants arrive no more than 25 minutes early.
  •   The COVID leader of each group must arrive with a sign-in sheet for his or her group.
  •   The COVID leader of each group will take each person’s name and telephone number orcheck off the attendance sheet.
  •   Two accompanying persons per participant. This does not include parent volunteerswho are on the ice.
  •   No individual who is not accompanying a child, who is not a family member of aparticipant (parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or grandparent) or who is not a coachwill be allowed to enter the arena.
  •   Passive screening is the method used during this phase, a COVID questionnaire is posted at the building entrance.
  •   The limit for each locker room, with the wearing of a mask, will be 18 persons, except for lockerrooms1and6attheUNIplexthatwillhaveamaximumof20persons. A1metre distance must be maintained.
  •   Mask is mandatory in the locker room and participants may remove it during the final step of dressing up for certain sports. For example, when putting on their helmet and/or before leaving the locker room when heading out onto the ice.
  •   Showers in the locker rooms are currently not accessible to users.
  •   Users shall warm up outside of the establishment or at home.
  •   The full use of the players’ bench is now allowed in our establishments with the following criteria:
    •   Team bench participants must rotate on a regular basis.
    •   Players who are not rotating must wear a mask. For example, the back-upgoalie should wear a mask being that he is not in a regular rotation during thegame.
    •   Injured players who are not participating in the game are not allowed on thebench.
    •   Spitting is not permitted while using the bench.
    •   Please limit the number of coaches on the bench.
    •   Coaches must wear a mask at all times while they are with the players on theteam bench.
    •   No grouping around the bench before the start of periods.
    •   No team cheers before the start of periods.
  • The attendance sheet will be kept in the municipality binder for 21 days.
  •   The COVID manager for each group should help ensure that the facility’s COVIDregulations are followed.
  •   The facility host will walk the corridors to ensure that the regulations are beingfollowed. Provide warnings to groups or see the group’s COVID manager for assistance.
  •   No gatherings in the lobby or parking lot. Accompanying persons must go directly tothe stands or outside the building. Always keep to your right when moving around thebuilding.
  •   Water bottles must be filled at home. The water fountain with the bottle filler sectionwill be available, it will not be possible to drink directly with the mouth.
  •   If you see someone who is not following Public Health guidelines, please contact1.844.462.8387


The screening must be complete before each session

English forms

Please read, sign, and bring the attached forms to practice on Thursday. All forms need to be signed before skaters can get on the ice.